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About Us

The idea for Slate Accents was started innocently enough, on a commute home from work. A house was having its slate roof removed and replaced with metal roofing. I asked what was being done with the old slate shingles and was told that they were being thrown in a dumpster in the back.

It seemed to be a shame to just throw out such a beautiful, natural product. I salvaged a few loads of the larger pieces I could find and took them home wondering what I could do with my new find.

I didn’t necessarily have the time available, but ambition and curiosity got me into tinkering around to see what I could make of this material.

After some trial and error, and breaking several pieces, I eventually purchased a good set of tools and saws for working with the slate. I have since been working on making picture frames, coasters, clocks, and acquiring more slate whenever available.

The process has been enjoyable so far, and I hope that you enjoy our products.

Brad Coulson – Lead Craftsman

We can help create the perfect accent piece

Do you have questions about our products? Feel free to reach out with any questions.